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Holographic & Fan Discs

They’re here! We are excited to announce we now offer Holographic and Fan Discs!

Want to add a little pizazz to your short play EP? These two fun options will set your discs apart from the typical CD with either a holographic or clear edge that can be screen-printed, offset printed, or a combination of both. Here are some of the specs:

  • Your music must be under 30:00 play time
  • These are replicated discs – minimum quantity of 300
  • Available with any CD packaging
  • No extra cost or set up fees!

What’s A Holographic Disc?

Holographic discs (AKA pit art) are short play discs that allow the outside edge of the disc to be laser etched with a holographic image. The center can be screen-printed, offset printed, or a combination of both! This spring we worked on some holographic discs for Flatbush Zombie’s Record “Now, More Than Ever” where we offset printed the center ring AND hit it one time with a spot white over the top. Click here to check out a cool promo video we put together of the process!

What’s A Fan Disc?

Like the holographic disc, the Fan Discs have 30 minutes of music which leaves the edge of the disc transparent like glass. You can screen print, offset print, or both onto the clear ring! Did You Know that CDs are all clear plastic discs until they are metalized with that silver coating? A couple years back we did our first Fan Discs for General Mojos as well as Him & Her Worship!

Templates & Art Submission

We’ll be real – these templates might be a little harder to work with because you have two different layers of artwork to design. You can find the templates for both our Holographic & Fan discs here under our disc imprints on our miscellaneous templates page. Our designer can help walk you through art set up over the phone if you need extra assistance.

  • NOTE: The holographic edge art layer will need a 100% Black or bitmapped image. 
  • You can submit layered .psd, .pdf, .ai, .eps, .indd, files
  • Please keep the center layer art, the outer layer edge art, and the template guidelines on separate layers
  • If you want to screenprint a layer, please submit vector art

Call our main line to get started on an order with one of our rad sales reps.
If you need any help don’t hesitate to ask!