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Artist Spotlight: Mary Lambert

Mary Lambert & Her New Album “Grief Creature”

Mary Lambert is one of those people who is more than a light to work with; her optimism and talent shines through her ability to create music and holds true when it comes down to getting to know her, too. We have been more than excited to work on different projects for Mary over the past few years, including her last album “Bold” that we designed and manufactured.

“Grief Creature,” Mary’s latest album, really stands out as an emotional milestone where she writes about heavy topics like grief and depression through a darker, honest lens. We got to ask Mary a few questions about what makes this album its own work of art.

How does this project differ from your other projects?

Grief Creature is my first release as a producer. These songs are so achingly personal, I needed to be alone with them in the recording room, and I don’t think I’ve ever trust-fallen into myself as much as I did with this project.

What do you think makes this project stand out the most?

I think the content of this album makes it special. It’s called Grief Creature, but it could also be parenthetically be called A Sad Tour of my Trauma. I like making music that has a function and I wanted these songs to be an aid for other people who are healing from the basic pain of living: anxiety, childhood trauma, mental disorders, sexual violence, heartbreak.

Do you have a favorite track on this record?

The song “Bless This Hell” that I wrote with Julien Baker is really special to me. It is one of the few songs on the album that was just written effortlessly, and was one of my first experiences collaborating over email and random voice memos.

How was your experience working with Copycats?

I love working with Copycats – I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else. I love love love what they do. The vinyl for Grief Creature is stunning, and I still can’t believe how easy the process of working with Justin continues to be. Their prices are fair, the team is efficient, and I always have piece of mind that Copycats is going to be the one part of the music making process that is uncomplicated and fun.

Why is having a physical product of your work important to you?

Listeners want to support you, and love having something to hold. It doesn’t matter if the majority of music is digital now, your fans want something physical to have.

Is there something you want your audience/fans to know about this project in particular?

The vinyl includes a personal letter to the listener, which feels important to me. I am incredibly proud of this work.

What about this particular project do you appreciate the most?

The sounds! I made these sounds with my hands! And my brain! That feels so cool to say! Every part of me is in each sound, each word, down to the reverbs I chose.


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