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Mötley Crüe Dr. Feelgood 30th Anniversary Set

Dr.Feelgood Anniversary Box Set

Did you catch the new product for Mötley Crüe’s 30th?

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Mötley Crüe’s Dr. Feelgood album, a specially packaged version of the album along with a variety of select merchandise was released back in December. We had a blast getting to work on this project, and following the release we got the chance to sit down with Melanie Pillette, VP of Production and Digital Fulfillment at Better Noise Music to get the inside details on the entire box set and their experience working with us!

Dr.Feelgood Anniversary Box Set

What was the inspiration for releasing such a wide variety of specialized merchandise for the 30th anniversary release?

When it came to setting a special product for Dr. Feelgood’s 30th Anniversary, we realized that we did not have any new musical content or video content, but we wanted to give the fans something special. We came up with some ideas that coincided with the Doctor theme of the album’s title and artwork, and this led to us working with Justin to see what kind of medical items we could make that would represent the band and this album. The doctor bag seemed the only logical way to hold everything, and in addition, we dug up the single artwork for the original 3 singles of this album and created the 3 – 7” picture Discs, which are exclusive to this box set. This also allowed us to present the singles and their demo versions in a new, unique way.

• 12″ Coke Bottle Clear vinyl
• LP jacket printed with spot UV over the tile background image, textured matte finish over grout, and soft touch finish on main images and logo
• Printed inner sleeve with soft touch finish

• 3 unique 7″ picture discs

• CD on metalized to center disc, plus 3 color screen print
• 4 Panel gutter-less wallet printed with spot UV over the tile background image, textured matte finish over grout, and soft touch finish on main images and logo
• 12 page full color booklet


Are there any specific details of the merchandise that you’re particularly a fan of?

While I am a huge fan of the beer koozie, I think truly some of the most unique aspects of the product are the detail finishes on the bag itself. The skull details around the bag and the zipper pull make it a bit more special than just a normal shoulder bag. It also ties the whole product together to the Motley Crüe brand.

• Highly detailed doctor’s bag to hold all components of the set

• Custom die-cut patient medical folder printed with matte finish plus spot UV
• 50 page prescription pad
• Drumstick styled pen printed with the Motley Crüe logo

• Four unique, different colored guitar picks


• 1″ silver enamel printed pin with their logo


What do you think is the most unique piece from this set?

I think the most unique piece from this Boxset is the straight jacket beer koozie.
It is also the most well received among the staff at Better Noise Music, for obvious reasons. 

• Completely custom beer bottle straight jacket coozie

• Deck of cards with all suits, redesigned in Motley Crüe fashion


How was the process working with Copycats on the package and all elements?

Working with Justin on the product was great. There were so many different elements of this collection that this could have resulted in this being a huge disaster, but he was very forthright and helpful with this entire product. Any time I had questions, he was available to work through the process. All of the elements turned out exactly like we expected them, which was refreshing, since we were up against a deadline and didn’t even get to see some of them until the project was completely finished.

Although we lost one element along the way, in typical Motley Crüe fashion, it was as easy of a process as it could have been for the undertaking that this product was. If you get a chance to snag the Box Set, you’re truly getting a piece of history! Not only is it a limited edition collection, but a 30th anniversary only comes around once.


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