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Customer Spotlight: Body By Yoga

We’ve had the pleasure of working and talking with one of our most consistent customers on the Health & Fitness side – Body By Yoga! Their co-founder, Paul B, gave us some insight on their company and what they’re all about:

Body By Yoga creates performance yoga gear and offers both streaming and DVD programs for yoga as functional fitness. Their DVD programs are some of Amazon’s Best Selling DVDs in Health & Fitness!

Is there a favorite class or workout that Body By Yoga offers?

Our most popular yoga program is Yoga Boost, our beginners yoga system. We’ve had over 50,000 students join the program. Students say they like our approachable teaching style which not only points out how to do every exercise, but also clearly explains where you should be feeling every stretch and why you’re doing it in the first place. Our students have also said that they appreciate all of the modifications that we provide for beginners and for those who aren’t very flexible.

Why is having physical media important for your company?

Physical media has been an important component for us. A lot of our customers still prefer physical media and we’ve found that there is still sizable demand for it. Copycats Media has been a strategic partner for Body By Yoga’s growth on Amazon. Copycats has competitive rates, great customer service, quick turnaround times, and flexible storage solutions – all of which has been instrumental during the unparalleled times that we have all been facing over the last few years.

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