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Top 9 of 2019: Posts that Reached The Widest Audience on Instagram

2020 is upon us, and as a new year unfolds it’s natural to reflect back on the previous year and see where we’ve been, and give us motivation to focus on where we’re going. We had an incredible year filled with unique projects and fantastic artists, and enjoy being able to share what we get to make with you via Instagram and other social media platforms. Not only does it allow us to connect directly with our customers, friends and other music aficionados, but it gives us a chance to see what our audience loves the most.

Check out our top “liked” photos of 2019 featured on our Instagram!

  1. Chance the Rapper on The Ellen Show: Chance the Rapper’s new CD was not only printed and manufactured by Copycats, but it was made specifically for his appearance on the Ellen Show! Working with such an iconic artist was incredible on its own, then to see Ellen feature the product we got to make in her very own hands was surreal, to say the least.
  2. Dan Rodriguez Merchandise Feature: Dan Rodriguez has been a frequent customer of Copycats, and we have had the pleasure and privilege of creating several products for him over the years. In 2019 we designed and printed custom t-shirts for him, and took this adorable photo of him and his kiddo showing their excitement at our office!
  3. Lazerbeak Artist Spotlight: Did you know we do artist spotlight features regularly on our blog? Our most popular this year was our piece on Lazerbeak, a customer and long time friend of Copycats where we highlight his latest album, Luther, that featured custom packaging for the CD and vinyl all done by Copycats!
  4. Employee Spotlight: Copycats has a solid team of genius, and if you ever wondered where the artistic brilliance comes from, it’s none other than Alexis Politz herself. Our posts on our employees tend to be popular, but obviously this was the most popular. We’re glad you like seeing our faces! Cuz we’re gonna keep showing them to you…
  5. Shut Up and Rap Soundset Sampler: We partnered with GO 95.3 this year to create the Shut Up and Rap sampler that was available for FREE at Soundset! Not only was it designed and manufactured by us, but it featured about a dozen artists that you all need to go check out.
  6. Customizable Fan Disc, Him + Her Worship: We specialize in creating a variety of unique projects, including our awesome, customizable fan discs! We printed these for Him + Her Worship for their latest project, “Beacon.”
  7. Ractonteurs #1 Album on Billboard: This was a particularly special project not just because we got to print and manufacture The Ranconteurs latest album, “Help Us Stranger,” but this past July it topped the Billboard charts at #1!
  8. Rival Sons Limited Edition Pink Vinyl: We had the chance to print the new Rival Sons album, “Feral Roots,” on a double LP on a standard black, and also featured a limited run of pink vinyl. Both came with a rad etching on side D! We enjoy having projects that consistently allow us to roll up our sleeves and get creative.
  9. CD & Vinyl Sales Infographic: We don’t just feature our rad projects, we enjoy sharing the latest information on our industry! Many think that physical media is phasing out, but CD and vinyl sales are doing better than ever- as of September, 2019 there were over 400 million sales in CD and vinyl sales across the United States, and it continues to grow.

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