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Designed by Copycats: By The Masses, “Last of Kind.”

Recently, Copycats had the opportunity to design the look and feel of By the Masses’ latest release, “Last of Kind.” They came to us looking for all original artwork, and we jumped at the chance to create something entirely unique and customized. Our prepress technician and graphic designer, Geoff Makousky gave us a little insight on developing this project, and we even got to get the perspective of the band members themselves on working with us.

At the start of this project, the band came to the table with a variety of loose concepts, but was looking to the artists at Copycats to interpret their vision and we dug deep into the meaning of their work to create this 6-panel wallet design. It was a great artistic match as both sides of the table were versed in the sort of esoteric concepts used by the band, and we created a design that not only looks cool to the casual observer but is steeped in multi-layered messaging that is worth digging into.

When the final product was delivered the band had a great looking screen printed disc, 1000 download cards and 100 promotional posters and was ready to take on the world! It’s always an amazing experience to watch the creative process come together as music and art combine into something special and new, and this project is the perfect example of artists and bands working together to create something meaningful.

So what did the band think of their experience? Let’s dive into what they were hoping for as an outcome from this project, how it was received, and more.

What encouraged you to utilize Copycats designers for your project?

We were fortunate enough to have a friend at Studio 120 who referred us to Copycats. We wanted the artwork for this album to reach its full potential and after sitting down with Geoff and Rodney, we knew we could put our full trust into Copycats’ expertise.

What were you looking for in the design of your project?

We were looking for our album artwork to embody and encompass the music itself. We wanted the listener to have not only a sonic experience with our album, but a good visual experience while navigating the album from front to back.

How was your project received? (Either by you and/or your fans?)

We were thrilled with the quality and professionalism of the album. We’re excited to get it into the hands of our fans on February 29th, 2020!

How was your experience working with Copycats?

We had a great experience working with Copycats Media. Rodney and Geoff provided excellent customer service and worked with us personally to deliver a product that exceeded our expectations.

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