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Tips For Removing Scratches From Your Disc

We’ve all been there- your favorite CD gets scratched and suddenly songs are skipping, pausing, or not playing altogether. But contrary to popular belief, CDs are not ruined if they’re scratched! There are a variety of ways to repair scratched CDs that don’t involve throwing them away or buying a new disc. And you can find most of these options right around the house!

Fixing a scratched CD is similar to fixing a scratch on your car- you want to polish the scratches out. You can use a variety of different plastic polishes, rubbing compounds, and in some cases even a metal polish or toothpaste.


Shockingly, toothpaste works very similar to a rubbing compound- it’s made with a gritty substance. This is a better option if the scratches on your CD aren’t too bad, if you have a deeper or larger scratches you might want to go for a stronger polish.

Start with a basic toothpaste, something natural without any fancy gels, swirls or flavors. Squeeze a small amount onto the CD starting at the middle radius and rub it in using a sweeping motion until the entire CD is covered in a light layer of toothpaste. Let it dry, then rinse it off using tepid water. Gently dry it with a clean, soft cloth.


If you have deeper scratches, a carnauba car wax is a great option. It’s strong and made from plants, which means you won’t have anything going on to your CD that could damage it further. Also, not only does it fill in current deep scratches, it will help repel any future scratches, dust and dirt from getting onto your newly clean disc.

No matter what method you use, your CD should be good as new afterwards. If you’re not satisfied with how it plays, feel free to try a second time. However, there are always cases where the disc is beyond repair, and at that point feel free to turn your CD into a new windchime or a coaster.

How Not to Scratch Your CD

This one seems like it should be a no-brainer, right? Well one of our customers, The Real Zeebos, didn’t think so!

They actually featured an entire booklet with their CD order that describes in full detail how to properly handle a disc so that you don’t scratch it. Some of their advice includes:

  • Do not insert disc into microwave
  • Do NOT use as a coaster for your favorite non-alcoholic soft drink (alcoholic is probably fine, then?)
  • Do not use as the final piece in your 10,000 CD-mosaic art installation

Taking the time to educate your fans on the best way to take care of your music is certainly something we were proud to be a part of. Are you looking for something unique for your next project? Copycats can help- hit us up!