To ensure a streamlined process of starting a project with Copycats, we offer our valued customers these easy to use forms.

  • Customer Information

  • Please choose a sales representative
  • Distribution Information

  • Album Information

  • Select "YES" if you own all the contents that appear on your album. Select "NO" if you do not own all of the content, such as cover songs of another artists recording or including another artists original recording on your album.

  • Compilation = songs performed by more than one artist or band If yes, you must include the title and artist on the track list and proof of licensing. Please include your proof of licensing when you mail in your master. Contact your Account Manager or Sales Person with any questions.

    · Letters of Indemnity are NOT adequate
    · LICENSED content requires proof of licensing prior to replication
    · OWNED content indicates that the individual/organization completing this form is the IPR owner
    · Must be completed by the organization soliciting replication and not by a broker or intermediary
  • Track Information

  • Track Title Artist Owned Licensed Public Domain
  • Track Information

  • +-
  • If you are sending a compilation CD, the Grantor of Rights agreement forms must be filled out and signed by each individual artist. If your track is a cover song of another artists songs please submit a signed Compulsory Licensing or Grantor of Rights Agreement. If you include a track that is another artist's original recording Master Use Mechanical Licensing or Grantor of Rights Agreement is REQUIRED.

    I affirm that all information provided herein is true and that all disc contents indicated as being licensed are properly licensed for replication under the terms of the original rights holder with proof of such licensing and/or trademark authorization attached. I affirm that I am the intellectual property rights owner for all contents indicated as being owned and approve of replication.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.