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Whether you're musician looking for a kickass CD package, or a filmmaker looking for the perfect DVD case cover, we're your all-in-one solution to any of your design needs. Stand out with Copycats!

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Many customers come to us with a design concept, but need help bringing it to life. Copycats’ designers have decades of experience with both film and music design, and they truly take the time to understand each customer's aesthetic objectives. They skillfully translate your mind’s vision into beautiful, lasting packages that your audience can’t resist picking up.

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Design Services

Technical Design Ingenuity

Crop marks and DPI can be confusing to those unfamiliar with the design process. We’ll take the headache away — you won’t even need an Ibuprofen. Copycats’ designers work directly with the printers to ensure your order has all the right registration, color depth and double-take quality you want from your next project.

Pushing It to the Next Level

Providing professional and innovative designs is where Copycats Media excels. Exacting fulfillment of your aesthetic vision is where we push it. Let us help make your next project the envy of your scene. We’ll provide complementary design while bringing to life what’s inside. Call today to get started.

CD Design Production

The first name in CD production is Copycats Media. We get that dealing with the ins and outs of CD production can be overwhelming. Copycats’ designers are here to help you every step of the way. When you trust us with your CD design needs, you can rest easy knowing that our customer service team will guide you through the tricky process so your creative vision turns out just how you want.

Not only will you find amazing prices on CD design, but you will also find information that will help you help us create an outstanding project. Within the Copycats site you will find downloadable templates that match every type of case we provide. So if you prefer to design the project yourself, then you can align your interests with ours to create a cohesive, professionally produced product.

Professional CD and DVD Design

We believe that there is more to CD and DVD design than just spitting out a lot of discs. We also believe in top-notch customer service. Do you have a design question? Give us a call! Unlike other mass producers, Copycats provides personalized attention and customized plans. No matter what the question is, Copycats has a person waiting to speak directly with you.

Copycats also does package design. We will print your design on the finished CD production merch. Take advantage of our in-house design team. Our experts will help to add the finishing touches to your CD reproduction project so that, without a doubt, it will stand out in the crowd.

When you’re ready to take your project to the next level, call us or fill out our quote form. We’ll provide you immediate answers for your design questions. We can offer you creative and technical ideas and help for any CD or DVD project. With over a decade of experience, CD production has never been easier.

Design services include:
  • Photo enhancement
  • Illustration and graphics
  • Logo creation
  • Color correction
  • Typesetting
  • Preflight inspections for quality, accuracy and fulfillment