Customer Support

Tons of companies offer CD and DVD duplication, but few provide the personal attention and communication that customers deserve. At Copycats, we are in the business of helping people, not ourselves. It's our job to ensure that you stay 100% satisfied.

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Customer Support

Copycats is here to help your project thrive every step of the way. When you trust us with your CD duplication needs, you’ll be excited to know that our team will be there to help you. Our sales team will guide you through the process so your next creative endeavor turns out with professional quality — just the way you want it. Choose CC for your next CD!

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We believe in top-notch customer service. If you choose Copycats, you will be paired with a representative that delivers results, not just talking points. Whether you have a question about CD duplication, design parameters, or promotion help, the Copycats team is standing by, always willing to help.


Copycats Isn’t a Faceless Corporation

If you’re sick of feeling like a nobody and not receiving the attention you deserve from your media company, switch to Copycats. We’re not a faceless corporation spitting out discs. Everything we do reflects the proficient culture for which we’re known. Whether you need design, packaging, duplication, or promotion services, our customer service staff is right here, ready to field questions. We actually talk — on the phone, or in person — to better understand your vision.

You’ll see this philosophy shine through in everything we do. Each Copycats customer is assigned an entire management team.

Ready to Rock?

If you’re ready to take the next step with your creative project, call us, visit us (we’re right in Minneapolis!), or request a free quote with our hassle-free online form. A member of the Copycats staff will give you a call, ready to team up. With over a decade of experience, Copycats has developed a reputation for delivering consistent customer service and taking all sorts of projects from the garage to the spotlight.

If you’re searching for the attention you deserve from a media company, turn to Copycats.